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Chisua Tote bag

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Chisua Tote bag

Canvas material
Manufacturing technique
Size 40 x 40 cms

Backpack or bag made of fique or other vegetable and synthetic fibers.

We were inspired by pre-Columbian Muisca art to represent a tunjo which is an object of power, our ancestors used to use them in worship rituals and offerings, this totebag represents that energy that these tunjos carry.

Bags come in handy for carrying your belongings while also serving as the perfect style statements, but you need to get the right bags to make sure this happens. If you do not find the right bags, neither your stuff is going to fit in, nor will they match your look and style. Some bags could be extremely stylish yet not spacious. Vice versa for the situation could also be true. You may find bags that are perfect for fitting in all the things you need, but they quite don’t set in the mood with the appearance. So, where do you find the perfect bags? Well, Right Here, At Tunjo Estudio.

Our Chisua Tote Bag is perfect for all your needs and requirements. This canvas made bag is strong and spacious and you can perfectly use it as a shopping bag to carry all those things you get at the market. The bag is embellished with beautiful designs inspired by the ancestral Columbian styles, traditions, and cultures, which make these bags a perfect style statement too and just what you need to pick for that next party you are attending.

The bags are available in several designs for shipping worldwide.

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