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Ceramic material
Ceramic technique
Size 11.2 cm high x 11.3 cm wide


For thousands of years, incense smoke has symbolically merged material and non-material kingdoms, in almost all cultures and especially in Mesoamerica. Consecrated in rites of worship and meditation I made this two-piece censer for cone incenses only.

Incenses have been used since ancient times for practices such as meditation and aromatherapy. The tantalizing and mesmerizing fragrances that incense leave out on burning are great to set a positive and cheerful atmosphere. Moreover, the aromas lead you to spirituality, peace, calm, solace, tranquility, and overall a happier feeling. Also, they have healing abilities and you can efficiently drive physical as well as psychological healing with the use of incenses. 

However, as much they are useful, they need to be handled with care. You need to make sure that you are burning them right and holding them right. So, it's best to have good incense burners and holders to handle your incenses well. 

We have designed this pyramid-shaped two-piece incense holder exclusively for the cone-shaped incenses. Simply light up your incense mold cone and place it over the holder. Cover it with the top and relax as the mesmerizing fragrances fill up your room creating a beautiful, positive, and cheerful aura.  

The holder is made with ceramic material and is waterproof, so even if there is water around, you need not worry about the incense going out and interrupting your therapy or practice. 

Get the perfect incense holder, light up, and let the vibe set in! 


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