Our brain’s response to fragrances and scents around us is very different and proactive. Aromas not only change the atmosphere and aura of a room they are spread in but also of the people occupying that space. For the same, aromatherapy has found extensive usage in medical science as well for treating the patients psychologically into bringing peace and calm to their minds. Moreover, many people voluntarily go for aromatherapy sessions or practice aromatherapy within their homes to awaken their senses.

One of the most prominent and known ways of practicing aromatherapy is the use of incenses. Incenses leave out strong fragrances when burnt and have their effects for a long time, so they are best to practice aromatherapy. Additionally, with natural incenses, you could be breathing in tantalizing scents without worrying about any toxic smokes.

However, every incense has a different meaning attached to it, and each of it will work differently for your bodies, mind, and soul. Here is the fact, “Our mind is attracted differently to different scents and fragrances. Some bring soothe and calm, while some other drive in passion and energy, while some others still are used to emancipate the feelings of love, and there are more emotions.” So, the important thing is that you know the incenses that you are using so that they work well for you and give you just the kind of feeling you have been craving for.

This article will discuss in brief the meaning of some of the most famous and popular incenses so that you are able to know the incenses well and decide what will work perfectly for you to awaken your senses.


Meaning of Incenses to Awaken Senses


Sandalwood is an age-old Indian spice known for its medicinal properties. It has a woody aroma and magical effects to it. Its fragrance is very soothing and can take your mind through another level of peace, calm, and tranquility. It helps drive spirituality and has the ability to treat anxiety and depression. The incense will work great for anyone dealing with psychological issues or mental stress or illness.


Frankincense has been in use since the biblical times and is known for its sweet aroma that has an earthy touch to it. The earthy touch that the aroma has gives a feeling of being close to nature, which ultimately makes this incense a good mood enhancer. It is also helpful in aiding sleep, and those struggling with insomnia or sleeping issues can find relief to the problem with it.


When it comes to fragrances, you can never miss out on Lavenders. They have a unique appeal to them, and their flowery fragrance is just magnetizing. They drive in peace and calm and help the mind, body, and soul to relax. If you are troubled with sleep, filling your room with a lavender scent will really help in ending that trouble.


Cinnamon is another spice like the sandalwood and has a woody aroma to it. Its scent has a very different meaning and purpose. It is used to drive power and wealth. The aroma that comes from cinnamon is very strong, and it awakens a whole another level of senses within the body. Due to this powerful aroma, these scents are often meaningful and useful in awakening lustful desires and senses.

Nag Champa

Nag Champa is one of the most popular and widely used incenses, most often in the religious ceremonies and rituals for its spirituality. It is great for awakening the body and soul for spiritual senses, and its aromas drive a deep sense of soothe, calm, peace, and tranquility from the deepest core of the soul.


Jasmine, the night-blooming flowers, these incenses have a psychic meaning to them. They are used for encouraging prophetic dreams. It is also known as a lunar incense, and most of the time is used for rituals and ceremonies that are related to the full moon. It also drives a deep sense of spirituality and, at the same time, is sensual as well. With that, jasmine has wide use in awakening various senses and driving peace, calm, tranquility, spirituality, and sensuality.

Dragon’s Blood

Dragon’s Blood incenses are a blend of sweet, spicy, and earthy aromas that are used for driving the sense of power and sensuality. They are often used for witchcraft and rituals at temples. Also, since they drive sensuality, they can be used as a great way to awaken lustful senses. Their fiery aromas are amazing to fill up a person’s body and soul with power and determination, which also makes them usable for oath-making practices.

These are some of the most popular incense uses for awakening the senses and driving a deep sense of spirituality, power, peace, calm, and tranquility within the mind, body, and soul. There are many more incenses, and all of them have different meanings and will drive and awaken your senses in their own unique ways. You need to find what works for you with perfectly crafted censers for your incense.

So, did you find your perfect incense yet? Which incense and its fragrance best awaken your senses?