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    Become a Santa – 5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Gifts

    Gifts, these are not just some materialistic products you buy for someone just out of the blues. They carry feelings and emotions. They are a way to let a person know that you care for them, that you think about them, that you love them. Gifts communicate, and so they need to be thoughtful. But this is what most of us ignore during gift shopping.

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    Knowing the Incenses to Awaken Your Senses & Drive Positive Energy

    Our brain’s response to fragrances and scents around us is very different and proactive. Aromas not only change the atmosphere and aura of a room they are spread in but also of the people occupying that space. For the same, aromatherapy has found extensive usage in medical science as well for treating the patients psychologically into bringing peace and calm to their minds.

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  3. Indoor Plants

    Purify the Air in Your Home by Removing Toxins with Indoor Plants

    Air is the most important unit for our life, and it is critical that we breathe in pure and fresh air to stay healthy. However, pollution, toxins, pathogens, microorganisms, and the like factors severely affect the air quality within our homes and make it less fit for breathing. This needs to be addressed.

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  4. Aromatherapy

    Aromatherapy – Heal Physically, Psychologically, and Spiritually

    Aromas and scents work very differently for our psyches and senses. In the case of senses like hearing, touch, or sight, the mind registers the information first and reacts to it later. The sense of smell, however, works in the opposite fashion. As you come across something aromatic, you feel tantalized and peaceful. It is after that you register the scent around.

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  5. Gift for Loved One

    Find the Most Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones

    Gifts, who does not like them? Gifts are a way of showing your love, care, acknowledgment, devotion, and all sorts of feelings and emotions to your loved ones. But choosing the perfect gift, isn’t that a task? Studies have shown that most people would very conveniently want to return the gifts they have received or will just leave them in their package lying somewhere in an isolated, ignored corner of their homes.

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  6. 10 Minimalist Gifts

    10 Minimalist Gifts – Present Your Loved Ones With Something Usable

    Do you have gifts that are just lying around in an isolated corner of your house, unnecessarily cluttering up space? Do you find them unwanted and keep thinking of ways to get rid of them? Do such gifts irritate you at times? Well, if you have answered Yes to these questions, then you sure do not want to bring such presents for the people on your gift list. And God forbid if some people on your gift list are a minimalist! Because if they are, they would be better off not receiving any gift at all than the ones that clutter up their houses.

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  7. 7 Must Have Indoor Plants Attracting Positivity At Home

    7 Must Have Indoor Plants Attracting Positivity At Home

    Positivity and negativity reside within one single soul. However, due to negativity bias and mind’s tendency to dwell upon unfavorable happenings and events, one can more strongly feel negative emotions. These negative feelings affect a person's physical as well as mental health. 

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  8. Taking Care of Your Home Garden – 7 Quick and Easy Tips

    Taking Care of Your Home Garden – 7 Quick and Easy Tips

    Having a home garden works great for the aesthetics of your house. It does not only add aesthetic beauty to your house, but if you choose your indoor plants wisely, you can drive in a great deal of positivity, spirituality, and tranquility from them. It will, in turn, keep the surroundings green and healthy and support your overall health and wellbeing.

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